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Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

The purpose of this study is to find out whether electrical stimulation of the spinal cord using the Senza system is safe and useful in the treatment of chronic (long-term) pain of the lower limbs due to painful diabetic neuropathy.

The research study is evaluating the safety and effectiveness of an electrical nerve stimulation device called a spinal cord stimulator (SCS) because you have pain in the lower limbs.

SCS involves the surgical placement of two leads (which look like very thin wires) into a small area near your spinal cord. Electrical stimulation is delivered through these wires, in an attempt to provide pain relief.

The SCS system used in this study is the Senza System, made by Nevro Corp. The device is a small, battery-operated, rechargeable SCS with an attached electrode. The Senza System has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


A research study using a commercially approved Boston Scientific neurostimulation systems indicated for the treatment of chronic pain to better understand the long-term results of chronic pain patients treated with a BSC neurostimulation system. To participate in the Relief/Navitas study you need to have low back back or chronic leg pain.

*for full eligibility (inclusion/exclusion) criteria contact
Lisa (816) 767-3257 


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