Our Philosophy

Life shouldn’t hurt.

Pain Management doctors are specialists in treating painful conditions. These physicians focus on diagnosing and managing pain. They study causes, physical reactions and how different medications relieve many painful conditions.

Because of the vast scope of pain syndromes, the field management is a multi-disciplinary subspecialty. Often, physicians from several other medical specialties work together to provide the greatest possible benefit for each patient.

This means we take a team approach to your treatment-with you as the lead member of the team. We will work closely with physicians or health care professionals, such as a nurse case manager, you may already be seeing to treat your pain and/or underlying conditions that may be causing your pain. This may include your primary care physician, neurologist, oncologist, or physiatrist.

Our doctors may also refer you to other, non-physician specialists for additional care, such as physical therapy, psychological work hardening, occupational therapy or home health care. We will share information frequently with each of the other member team, to ensure that are all working together to provide you with the best possible relief of your pain.


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